Genius Hour Blog 3

During my presentation for genius hour, I will only be presenting three of the body systems, instead of all 15, due to how long It would have took and the lack of attention for 15 year olds. I will pick the three most interesting body systems to me and might have the class find interesting. I will […]

Blog 2

We always hear doctors unusual terms that we don’t understand, or we do know, but not a lot about it. For my genius hour, i decided to go with the topic about learning the different functions in the body. I chose to do this topic because my sister is taking medical classes for college, and […]

Blog 1

Taylor Lurkens Period 1 Genius Hour – Blog 1 Why I chose this topic: I chose this topic because I’ve always wanted to learn how to play the piano since I was a little kid because I would always see my godfather play songs, while I sat by him. Goal: My goal to accomplish is […]